Auxiliary Power Units
for Stryker Light Armoured Vehicle


General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS), London, Ontario

Stryker Auxiliary Power Unit


As part of the development of the Stryker Light Armoured Vehicle for the US Army, Mechron personnel helped to develop an under-armour auxiliary power unit (APU) as part of the overall vehicle system design. The APU is an anti-idling device, powering the Stryker while the main engine is not in operation, reducing fuel consumption and maintenance requirements. The Stryker APU is a 3.8kW, 28 VDC liquid-cooled generator set designed for underhood operation in harsh environments, including temperatures from -50°C to +100°C and extreme shock and vibration. The APU is a fully integrated design, sharing its cooling system with the Stryker’s main engine. This APU is equipped with an SAE J1393 CANBUS data / diagnostics interface for remote operation and diagnosis. The design was successful and 1,400 APUs were supplied to GDLS for installation on their production line.

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