Multilateration (WAM) System

Parsons FAA
Juneau Wide Area


Nasittuq Corporation, Ottawa, Ontario

WAM System


As part of its support contract with the FAA, Parsons-FAA is upgrading the navigation systems in the Alaska flight corridor. The Wide Area Multilateration System (WAM) is an enhanced radar system with multiple sites throughout the corridor. One of the Juneau sites for the WAM is located on a remote mountaintop south of the city, with no access to utility power. The site is subject to extreme environmental conditions, including high winds (130 mph) and heavy icing / hoarfrost conditions. As a result of a competitive tender, Mechron personnel were involved in providing the hybrid PV / propane generator power system to support the installation. Because of the requirement for helicopter lift to the site, the buildings selected were modular and capable of being assembled on site. Based on the success of the Juneau site, the remaining sites in the flight corridor system were also upgraded.
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